Scrap metal dealers licence



Anyone carrying out business as a Scrap Metal Dealer and/or a Motor Salvage Operator within Harborough District  must be licensed.

There are 2 types of licences:

  • Site licence - lets you buy and sell metal from a fixed location within the Harborough district
  • Collectors licence – a collectors licence allows you to travel within Harborough district to collect scrap metal

You cannot hold both a site licence and a collectors licence with the same council.

Find out more about the scrap metal dealer licence.

Read guidance notes for the scrap metal dealers licence (PDf, 258KB).


If you have a problem downloading the application form, right click the download link and choose “Save link as” and save to your computer. Then go to the file, right click and choose “Open with Adobe”.

Application for a new scrap metal licence

The fees for applications can be found here

Scrap Metal Dealers Licences last for 3 years and then you must renew your licence.

As part of the application we will carry out checks to ensure that the applicant is a suitable person to hold a licence:

  • A check will be made for any relevant offences and enforcement action
  • In order to verify a persons name and address checks will be made of relevant documents
  • All applicants and named persons will be required to prove their identity using photographic identification and a utility bill

You and every person listed on the application form needs to submit a Basic Disclosure Certificate from Disclosure Scotland.

In addition to a site or collectors licence, you may need:

  • A waste management licence, a waste carriers licence and/or a hazardous waste licence from the Environment Agency
  • To register the business with the Health and Safety Executive

Register of scrap metal dealers

View the Environment Agency’s register for all scrap metal dealer licences.