Here are some of the things that can help you to reduce food emissions:

fruit bag and basket with oranges and limes.

  • Try to reduce your food miles and packaging by shopping locally and supporting local businesses. 
  • #ShopLocal and join our campaign to support local businesses:
  • Buy local, seasonal produce where possible.
  • Choose sustainable products and make healthier choices for you and the environment– check the labelling to see if the tuna is line-caught or the eggs are free-range.
  • You can reduce packaging waste by choosing products which have less packaging or none at all! Take re-useable net bags to carry fruit or vegetables in.
  • Don’t forget your shopping bags. Keep a couple in the boot of your car for unscheduled shopping visits!


Here are some helpful tips from the BBC on how to reduce the amount of food you throw away:

  1. Don’t over buy. Keep track of what you’ve bought and used. WRAP suggests taking a ‘shelfie’ – a photo of your fridge and cupboards to remind you of what’s there.
  2. Check the use-by dates of fresh food when you buy it. These are the dates to take notice of, rather than the best-before dates. Only buy what you can use before it expires.
  3. Plan ahead. Think about what you’re going to cook and how you’ll use the leftovers.
  4. Get to know your grocer. They will have plenty of advice on how to use up leftover veg.
  5. Love your freezer. Use your weekends to batch-cook and freeze. There are plenty of freezing tips in our guide.

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