Did you know that 55% of emissions in Harborough district are due to transport?

An outline of a bicycle painted on a tarmac.

Over half of the emissions in Harborough District are due to transport, including the M1. Transport emission are decreasing more slowly than emission reductions from homes or business.

Consider how you travel to keep our environment clean. Could you walk or cycle, or perhaps take public transport instead? If it’s raining, leave the car and take your umbrella instead. Jumping in puddles is fun at any age. 

Own an electric or hybrid car? More people in Harborough district are using our electric car chargers, with big carbon savings.

We are working on providing additional electric vehicle (EV) charging points in Harborough district. We already have several EV charging points across Harborough district, including Broughton Astley, Kibworth and Lutterworth. For more information and map, visit the Electric Vehicle Charging Points page.

With the coronavirus pandemic recovery ongoing, can we be more mindful about lift-sharing with our friends and neighbours? Save on fuel costs, have a catch-up and travel together with lift-sharing opportunities.

To find a smarter way to travel for Leicester and Leicestershire, visit the Choose How You Move website.