Here are some of the things that can help you to reduce waste emissions:

  • Use your local library to borrow books, dvds, and e-books. Visit: Libraries | Leicestershire County Council
  • Donate unwanted clothes, books and furniture to charity shops.
  • Buy sustainable clothing or good quality products which will last longer than cheaper fabrics. Cotton is usually better quality and is easier to recycle.
  • Check recycling information printed on products and packaging to ensure you are recycling as much as you can.
  • You can also recycle items at your local household waste recycling centre. Find out where they are by visiting: Find a recycling and household waste site | Leicestershire County Council
  • Cut down on your single-use items such as coffee cups, cling-film, razors, nappies and face wipes with re-useable and waste-free alternatives.
  • Look out for product refills instead of replacing jars and soap dispensers. - Crack down on fly-tipping in Harborough district. Always use a licensed waste removal company or sign up to Harborough District Council’s large waste collection service, which allows for up to 3 large household items or 12 sacks of waste to be collected for a charge of £35.04