Here are some of the things that can help you to reduce energy emissions:

Join the Big Community Switch

Reduce your energy bills by reviewing your current suppliers and moving to use renewable energy providers and save money. The Big Community Switch is an auction-based community project which shares the benefits from the bargaining power of a large group. Once you have registered, they project holds an energy auction where suppliers compete for the opportunity to offer you the lowest energy tariff.

There’s no need to compare different tariffs as you’ll receive a personal offer. They’ll also handle the switch over from your existing provider. It’s hassle-free and the only thing you’ll notice is a lower energy bill from a renewable energy provider.


Make your home warmer and more efficient

Households not connected to mains gas and currently relying on inefficient ways of heating their homes, for example old electric storage or panel heaters, could be eligible for the measures, which are part of the Leicestershire Warm Homes Fund Project.

Residents on certain income levels or those in receipt of certain benefits, including child benefit, or those who are now receiving Universal Credit due to the pandemic, may also be able to apply for the support. Qualifying homes could also receive a free gas network connection through the Affordable Warmth Solutions programme.

Residents taking up the offer could save an average of around £630 per year on fuel bills and benefit from a warmer, more comfortable home.

The project follows a successful funding bid by the council to the £150 million Warm Homes Fund, established by National Grid, and community interest company Affordable Warmth Solutions, who administer the fund on behalf of National Grid.

In addition to the first-time gas central heating, eligible residents may also be able to receive free insulation measures for their homes, including loft and cavity wall insulation, further improving the warmth and comfort of homes across the county. As part of the scheme, residents may also be able to benefit from free energy efficiency advice, tariff advice and support on how to better manage their income, from Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland.


Harborough Energy

See how Harborough Energy supports our local community with energy saving projects and initiatives.

Harborough Energy aim to keep energy costs low for residents in and around Harborough. The price of energy is expected to rise over the coming years, but by supporting viable local energy projects, they can help protect our community from these uncertainties. Reviewing helping reduce energy costs for landowners and landlords, in addition to providing new investment opportunities – with attractive returns.

Harborough Energy are looking for people who are interested in what we do. Is this an area of interest to you? Are you passionate about energy generation and have the vision to see a sustainable energy generating future?

As a community-based company, they are an ethical business managed by members of the community for the benefit of the community as a whole.


Reduce your household energy use by using simple tips to save money and slow the rate of climate change:

  • Turn down your thermostat. Even by 1 degree will make a difference to your energy bills. Pop on a jumper or move around more if you can. See a 10% reduction in heating bills through a 1 degree change!
  • Use low energy lightbulbs when you need to replace your standard bulbs. It’ll cut your electricity bills and be better for the environment.
  • Turn off the tap whilst your brushing your teeth to save water.
  • Insulate your loft to cut your energy bills and enjoy a warmer home.
  • Consider installing a smart thermostat – which lets you control your heating using your smart phone.
  • Switch off appliances when they’re not in use and turn lights off when you leave a room.
  • Use a washing line to dry your clothes on sunny days instead of using a tumble dryer.
  • When its time to replace your appliances, check the energy efficiency ratings on new appliances before buying.
  • Use a water butt in the garden to collect water for the dry days when you want to water your plants.
  • Your refrigerator and freezer are probably the biggest electrical energy consumers in your house. Take steps to make sure they're not working harder than necessary. Fridges do their job at around 37 F. Freezers set at -3 F keep things nice and frosty. Be sure to close the fridge and freezer doors. Leaving them open for just a few extra seconds wastes a lot of energy.
  • The cheapest and most environmentally sound heat and light source is just outside your window. Open blinds, drapes, and shutters to let solar energy warm and brighten your home naturally.

For more tips, ideas and advice visit the Simple Energy Advice website.