Noise and nuisance

What is a Statutory Nuisance?

Statutory Nuisance is where the actions of another are unreasonable and cause a substantial interference with the use and enjoyment of someone’s property or are prejudicial to health.

Complaints of statutory nuisance can only generally be investigated when the person is being affected within their home - this includes their garden. If a person is affected at work, then they should report this to their health and safety representative.

The nuisances that can be investigated by the Council are outlined in Section 79 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and some examples are given below. You should read the information and guidance about noise and nuisances on this page before making an official report to the council.

If you sell your property, then you may have to declare any complaints you have made to us during the selling process. We keep a record of all the complaints we receive, and people can ask for some of this information via the Freedom of Information Act.