Kibworth Advisory Poll - results

Published Wednesday 9th January 2013

A poll of residents from the parishes of Kibworth Beauchamp and Kibworth Harcourt took place on Thursday 10 January to record views on a proposal to group the two parishes under a single council.

The poll asked:

Do you support the proposal that the parishes of Kibworth Harcourt and Kibworth Beauchamp be grouped under a single council?

The results of the poll were as follows:

Kibworth Beauchamp

Yes - 549 votes (87%)
No - 84 votes (13%)
Total votes - 633
Turnout in Kibworth Beauchamp - 19.4%

Kibworth Harcourt

Yes - 91 votes (31%)

No - 211 votes (69%)

Total votes - 302

Turnout in Kibworth Harcourt - 25.5%

This was a poll. The results are NOT binding. They are merely advisory and the results collated as part of the Community Governance Review.

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