Apprentice Stories

Ryan Finnegan - Environmental Health

Ryan Finnegan apprentice

Ryan started as a Communications and Business Support apprentice with Harborough District Council in September 2015. He worked with various teams across the Council, including; Communications, Waste Management and Regulatory Services. It was in this team that he found he had a real passion and ability, and he is now an Environmental Health Technical Officer. Let's hear how he BLAZEd his trail as an apprentice:


My apprenticeship has done wonders for my self-confidence - I now inspect a variety of premises to make sure they are safe, respond to customers' concerns and am pursuing further career-based learning.


Learning is central to any career and an apprenticeship has made sure that my knowledge and understanding are practical, relevant and qualified.


My apprenticeship allowed me to develop and be involved in a huge variety of activities and projects, which allowed me to find the career that is right for me. My goal is to become a fully-qualified Environmental Health Officer.

Ryan Finnegan named regional winner


All this has helped my energy and ambition, too - I have become adaptable and positive-thinking, which has led to my role as an apprenticeship ambassador. Knowing how positively the apprenticeship programme has helped me, I visit schools and careers fairs to let others know the benefits apprenticeships bring.


I am always looking to challenge myself and make it my mission to find new, innovative new ways of working. I have brought knowledge and expertise from other departments to influence more effective and efficient ways of working and I believe this has had a positive impact on the team. I absolutely love what I do and I couldn’t have hoped for a better start to my future career with the support from Harborough District Council.