Apprentice Stories

Megan Smith - Contract Support

Megan Smith apprentice

Megan started as a Contracted Services apprentice with Harborough District Council in 2017, studying Business Administration. In November of that year, she began working as a Contract Support Officer in the Environmental Services team, with the Council supporting her as she continued her apprenticeship qualifications. Let's hear how she BLAZEd her trail as an apprentice:


An apprenticeship is a benefit for those who do not want to go down the traditional route of University; this is why I chose this alternative. I wanted to gain experience within a sector whilst undertaking a recognised qualification.


The qualification side of an apprenticeship allowed me to develop knowledge and understanding of how businesses operate.


Undertaking an apprenticeship has enabled me to secure a full time position whilst working towards a qualification. In the future, I hope to progress within my team and achieve my Level 3 Operational Delivery apprenticeship.


I am passionate about undertaking an apprenticeship because it means I can gain real work experience, develop my skills and improve my employability.


I am enthusiastic towards my job role which has a positive effect on the team; I also get along with my work colleagues which produces a friendly working environment.