Apprentice Stories

Millie Crowley - Corporate Services

Millie crowley

Millie started as a Corporate Services apprentice with Harborough District Council in 2019, studying Business Administration with the Council supporting her as she continues towards her apprenticeship qualifications. Let's hear how she BLAZEd her trail as an apprentice:


My apprenticeship here at Harborough District Council has given me amazing opportunities so far; such as doing a Mental Health First Aid course, learning about working in Local Authority and gaining the skills to complete my Level 2 Business Administration Diploma.


I have learnt a lot of valuable skills whilst working here, such as understanding how Local Authorities operate and collating/reporting data, as well as many more. The skills I have learnt during this time all contribute to my qualification and aid my learning further


My goals for the future are to gain my Level 2 Business Administration Qualification which hopefully will lead onto the Level 3 Diploma, whilst progressing within my team, Corporate Services.


Pursuing a business administration apprenticeship here at Harborough District Council means I gain a qualification, whilst learning practical, transferable skills that I can use throughout my career. The work I complete in my apprenticeship also ties in with my role here which means, the skills I learn are extremely compatible and relevant to the work I complete everyday.


For me, an apprenticeship has been the best step forward as it has given me an insight into the real world of work, made me want to strive to learn more and progress within my career. As well as this, I have built good working relationships with my colleagues, which I believe has aided my confidence in the workplace.