Hate, Prevent and Exploitation


Prevent is a statutory duty for many agencies including the Council, NHS Trusts, schools and the Police, to combat extremism and create a safe and secure county.  Here is our Prevent Action plan | Harborough District Council

Leicestershire and Rutland's Prevent Strategy is aimed at preventing violent and non-violent extremism, but it is also very much about protecting our communities and supporting vulnerable people who may be targeted by extremists trying to recruit or radicalise them.

There is no single profile or a person who may be vulnerable to grooming by extremists, and the Prevent programme relies on community support and information to identify and safeguard people.

If you are concerned that someone is a risk of being exploited for extremist purposes, you should inform the Local Authority, or the Police, who will assess the individual and provide them with appropriate support if they are at risk.

You can refer to the Police here.

If you have concerns about a young person, please refer here.

If you have concerned about an adult, please refer here.