Hate, Prevent and Exploitation

County Lines

County Lines is a term used to describe the supply of illegal drugs, typically from a larger urban centre to smaller towns or rural areas, through the exploitation of vulnerable people.  County Lines is a concern within the District and a number of warrants have been executed in Market Harborough as well as Hinkley and Loughborough, resulting in arrests. 

#KnowTheSigns campaign is to raise awareness of County Lines across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

The main signs of 'County Lines' to look out for are:

  • repeatedly missing from home or school and a decline in academic performance
  • may carry a weapon
  • gang association or isolation from peers
  • unexplained relationships with new or older people

Signs of Cuckooing are:

  • signs of drug use
  • decline in a neighbours well-being
  • increase in people or vehicles visiting a property
  • increase in Anti-Social Behaviour

You can find out more, and who to report these to on the Leicestershire Police website.