Hate, Prevent and Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

Child sexual exploitation is a form of sexual abuse. Victims are manipulated or forced into taking part in a sexual act, it can seem consensual, or it can be in return for attention, money, gifts, drugs or somewhere to stay.  The young person may believe that the abuser is their friend, or even their boyfriend or girlfriend.  The abuser will create some form of dependency, and may physically or verbally threaten the young person and isolate them from friends and family to exert control and manipulate them.

This type of abuse can happen to anyone.  Have a look at Kayleigh's Love Story and Breck's Last Game.

Know the signs:

  • having mood swings or being emotionally upset
  • changes in physical appearance
  • changes in eating patterns
  • misusing alcohol or drugs
  • chatting online to people you have never met
  • appearing with unexplained gifts or new posessions
  • secretive mobile phone use
  • missing school

You may be unsure about whether you are right to be worried, but it is important that you don't keep these concerns to yourself.

For further information on CSE, visit the Leicestershire Police website.