Council Tax news

Council approves budget amid financial challenges

Published on Tuesday 23 February 2021

Harborough District Council has approved its budget as it looks to tackle significant financial challenges over the year ahead.

  • Have your say on Council budget proposals

    Published on Wednesday 20 January 2021

    Ambitious budget proposals have been put forward as Harborough District Council looks to tackle significant financial challenges over the year ahead.

  • Council agrees no rise in its share of council tax

    Published on Tuesday 25 February 2020

    There will be no rise in Harborough District Council’s portion of the Council tax bill – for the second year running – councillors agreed on Monday 24 February 2020.

  • Have your say on Council budget proposals

    Published on Tuesday 14 January 2020

    Residents are being given an opportunity to have their say on Harborough District Council’s budget proposals.

  • Council sets out budget proposals

    Published on Thursday 9 January 2020

    Harborough District Council has set out its budget priorities for 2020/21 with proposals not to increase its share of Council Tax for the second year running.

  • Council offers vital support to care leavers

    Published on Thursday 19 September 2019

    More support could be offered to vulnerable young people leaving the care system as part of Council proposals being put forward.

  • Budget will ‘put residents first’

    Published on Tuesday 26 February 2019

    Harborough District Council has approved its budget – with no rise to its share of the Council Tax – which the Council says puts residents’ priorities first.

  • ‘Special expenses’ review seeks fairer approach

    Published on Wednesday 12 December 2018

    The funding of some public parks and other local facilities through council tax – referred to as ‘special expenses’ - has been reviewed by the District Council to ensure fairness and transparency.

  • District Council in top 10 for business rates

    Published on Friday 3 August 2018

    Harborough District Council has been named as one of the 10 best local authorities in the country for collecting business rates.

  • Have say on council’s ambitious plans for future

    Published on Monday 8 January 2018

    Ambitious plans are being set out to ensure the Harborough district is an enterprising and vibrant place with healthy residents and a strong sense of community.

  • Bid to bring empty houses back into use

    Published on Wednesday 28 June 2017

    Empty properties could be brought back into use for residents under proposals to change council tax levies on them.

  • No increase proposed following benefits feedback

    Published on Monday 5 December 2016

    The district council is to recommend that the council tax support scheme for working age claimants will not change next year.

  • Views sought on council tax support proposals

    Published on Thursday 4 August 2016

    Changes to a scheme which offers relief on council tax to some people on low incomes are being considered by councils across Leicestershire.

  • Budget and council tax reduction approved

    Published on Tuesday 24 February 2015

    Frontline Council services will be protected, with investment in local communities and priority areas, it has been agreed.

  • Frontline services protected in budget proposals

    Published on Tuesday 10 February 2015

    Councillors have finalised budget proposals which look to invest in communities whilst protecting frontline services.