Temporary Accommodation

Will the Council provide me with temporary accommodation?

The council has a duty to advise and assist everyone who may be currently homeless, but this does not always mean that you will be provided with temporary accommodation. We will make an assessment of your current situation and circumstances and if you are considered to be in 'priority need' or if you are homeless as a result of an emergency then we may be able to provide accommodation for you on a temporary basis while we help you to resolve your homelessness.

What is priority need?

There are a range of households which would be 'in priority need' by virtue of their circumstances - for example having dependent children, being pregnant, these are outlined in full in guidance issued by the government. A Housing Advisor will make a decision on each case after having considered all the relevant circumstances.

What is an emergency?

We consider flood, fire, or other disaster to be an emergency. 

What and where is temporary accommodation?

Temporary accommodation is somewhere to live for a short time while you look for permanent accommodation. It could be in a hostel, hotel or refuge. Access to temporary accommodation is very limited within the Harborough district and at times we have to make arrangements outside of the district. 

Will I have to pay for temporary accommodation?

Yes, like all accommodation there is a charge for temporary accommodation. If you have a low income we will assist you in applying for Housing Benefit toward the cost of your accommodation. If you are not eligible for Housing Benefit you will be expected to pay the full cost of the accommodation provided.

If you are placed in a self-contained property (not a hotel or hostel) then you may be on a license agreement which means that you are liable for costs such as rent, service charge or utilities. It is important that you pay your accommodation charges on a regular basis as any arrears that build up may affect your application for housing. Always let the Housing Team know if you are struggling with your finances when in temporary accommodation.