Are you homeless or threatened with homelessness?

All local authorities have a duty to provide advice and assistance to those who are homeless or threatened with homelessness. If your Landlord or Mortgagee is seeking possession of the property you live in and you have no where else to live please contact the Harborough Housing Team as soon as possible. We may be able to provide you with advice and assistance that will help prevent you from becoming homeless.

We can make an appointment to discuss your housing situation and help you to resolve it. The sooner you contact us the better. To make an appointment call us on 01858 82 82 82 or email us at: hhs@harborough.gov.uk

In some cases we may not be able to help you directly, for example if you do not have a local connection to the district, however we will always provide advice on where you can go to find assistance and we may be able to make a referral to your own local council.

Are you homeless now?

If you have nowhere to stay tonight you can contact the Housing Team during office hours (9am to 5pm) for advice by calling 01858 82 82 82 or coming into the Council offices. Outside of office hours, you can talk to our out-of-hours service who may be able to assist you until the next working day. You can contact our out of hours service on 01858 82 82 82 when you will be advised of the telephone number to contact, an Officer will assess whether the authority has a duty to provide you with temporary accommodation.

How we will use your information:

Once you have made a declaration of homelessness, we will provide you with a personal housing plan identifying the steps you could take to prevent your homelessness, or if you are already homeless we will provide you with a personal housing plan containing actions you need to take to, if possible, relieve your homelessness. We will make our enquiries into your declaration of homelessness in order to decide whether the Council has a statutory duty to assist you in securing settled accommodation.

'If you or someone in your household receives help or advice if you are homeless or likely to become homeless, we will provide advice and assistance to you.  As part of providing this service we will share your personal information (including your name and date of birth) with the Department for Communities and Local Government who will use this for research purposes.'