Bins and collections information

Green bin

Please note that we will only empty garden waste bins from households that have opted-in to the Garden Waste Collection Service. 

We do not remove garden waste bins from properties that choose not to subscribe to the new service. Harborough District residents can subscribe to the service at any time in the future so we recommend keeping your garden waste bin. If you move house the new owner may want to subscribe to the service and in future we may have to charge for new garden waste bins to be delivered to properties.  


Moving house

If you subscribe to the service and move to a new property in the Harborough District, your subscription will continue at your new address.

If you subscribe to the service and move home to a new property outside of the Harborough District, you will not be able to receive any refund on the subscription fee you have paid. Collections will continue to be made at the house you moved out of until that year’s subscription comes to an end.


Issues with your garden waste collection service

 If you ever have any issues with the Garden Waste Collection Service, please email 


Alternatives to using the new garden waste collection service

There are a number of alternatives to the garden waste collection service that you could choose: