Nuisance and anti-social behaviour news

School roadshows raise awareness of community safety and nuisance issues   

Published on Friday 4 March 2022

Talking to young people and listening to their concerns about keeping safe and anti-social behaviour, is the aim of a series of roadshows visiting schools in the district.

  • Keeping you safe this festive season

    Published on Thursday 18 November 2021

    As the festive season of 2021 begins, Harborough Community Safety Partnership's Christmas Presence campaign is here to remind residents to keep safe throughout the season.

  • Councils to crackdown on substance abuse

    Published on Tuesday 28 September 2021

    New powers have been introduced to tackle the use of psychoactive substances and ‘legal highs’, such as nitrous oxide, linked to anti-social behaviour.

  • Proposals to tackle substance abuse move closer

    Published on Tuesday 7 September 2021

    New powers are set to be introduced to tackle the use psychoactive substances and ‘legal highs’, such as nitrous oxide, linked to anti-social behaviour.

  • Enjoy summer responsibly campaign urges

    Published on Friday 9 July 2021

    It’s not just the Euro 2021 final we have to look forward to this weekend but, with many schools breaking up for the holidays, it feels like summertime is here.

  • Have a say on proposals to tackle psychoactive substance misuse

    Published on Thursday 6 May 2021

    Residents are being asked to have their say on the introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for use of psychoactive substances, such as nitrous oxide, linked to anti-social behaviour.

  • Rural crime patrols with police

    Officers and council team up to tackle rural crime

    Published on Tuesday 16 February 2021

    Police officers and council staff from Market Harborough and Wigston were out in force on Friday (12 February 2021) in a planned operation to tackle crime and patrol rural and remote areas.

  • Patrols to continue after town centre disturbance

    Published on Tuesday 7 July 2020

    Police have said that patrols will continue after low level disorder in Market Harborough at the weekend but said a majority of pub goers were impeccably behaved.

  • Public urged to use reservoir site responsibly

    Published on Thursday 2 July 2020

    Community Safety Partnership update

  • Joining forces to tackle issues at park

    Published on Tuesday 30 June 2020

    A joint patch walk, and extra patrols are among the actions taking place to tackle recent anti-social behaviour at a park in Market Harborough.

  • Extra CCTV cameras to boost safety in district

    Published on Thursday 23 April 2020

    More CCTV cameras are set to be installed in Lutterworth town centre, and a popular park in Market Harborough, later in the year.

  • New CCTV cameras welcomed in village

    Published on Tuesday 21 April 2020

    Kibworth Beauchamp Parish Council has now installed four CCTV cameras covering the eastern end of High Street and Smeeton Road from the village centre roundabout to School Road in Kibworth Beauchamp.

  • Hide Christmas shopping and wrapped presents from would-be thieves

    Published on Monday 23 December 2019

    Shoppers should be mindful when leaving their Christmas shopping in view in their vehicles or under the tree at home this Christmas.

  • Police issue warning about courier fraud

    Published on Monday 9 December 2019

    Message from Leicestershire Police

  • Controlled drinking zones to be extended

    Published on Tuesday 3 September 2019

    Controlled drinking zones, which help prevent anti-social behaviour in public places, are to be extended following a public consultation.

  • More CCTV cameras to be installed

    Published on Monday 24 June 2019

    Two more CCTV cameras are set to be installed in Market Harborough providing extra safety and security.

  • Bollards installed at rec to improve security

    Published on Friday 7 June 2019

    Extra security measures have been introduced at a popular recreation ground to reduce anti-social behaviour.

  • ‘Respect and tolerate’ as nights get lighter

    Published on Wednesday 3 April 2019

    Residents enjoying the lighter nights since the clocks went forward, are being urged to be mindful of their actions in an effort to combat anti-social behaviour, especially during the Easter holidays.

  • CCTV coverage boost to improve community safety

    Published on Wednesday 6 March 2019

    More closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are to be installed in Harborough district, alongside support being offered to villages which want to install their own.

  • ‘Keep safe places’ for those feeling vulnerable

    Published on Thursday 6 December 2018

    With stores getting increasingly busy with Christmas approaching, shoppers are reminded that ‘keep safe places’ are available.

  • Celebrate safely this festive season

    Published on Wednesday 28 November 2018

    Have fun this Christmas, but drink sensibly, drive carefully, keep you and your property safe, and look out for your friends.

  • Fly Tipper Fined

    Published on Friday 28 September 2018

    Harborough District Council’s Tip Off campaign to tackle fly-tipping continues, with another successful prosecution of a serious case.

  • Community Safety takes to the streets

    Published on Thursday 20 September 2018

    Community Safety representatives will take part in a ‘patch walk’ to meet those working together to improve community safety across the district.

  • New CCTV camera provides extra security

    Published on Tuesday 15 May 2018

    A new closed circuit television camera has been installed at a key location in the district providing extra safety and security.

  • Ask for Angela - if you feel unsafe

    Published on Wednesday 14 February 2018

    A campaign enabling people who might feel uneasy on a date in pubs and clubs to discreetly approach staff and request assistance is being rolled out.

  • Neil bannister

    Leader urges support for rural policing

    Published on Friday 19 January 2018

    Calls for greater protection against rural crime and increased police visibility in rural areas have been made by the Leader of the District Council.

  • Safer Summer video urges people to consider their actions

    Published on Friday 11 August 2017

    As part of this year’s Safer Summer campaign a video has been launched to remind people to respect and tolerate those around them.

  • Safer Summer Day – 4 August 2017

    Published on Wednesday 19 July 2017

    Having a ‘safer summer’ is the aim of a day of activities being held in the Harborough district.

  • Noise Action Week 2017 – 22-27 May 2017

    Published on Thursday 25 May 2017

    A week-long campaign is helping raise awareness of noise issues, and what can be done to reduce nuisance noise, in neighbourhoods.

  • Tackling anti-social behaviour this Spring

    Published on Wednesday 29 March 2017

    With the clocks going forward and the nights getting lighter, we would like to ask residents to think about those living around them whilst having fun and enjoying the great outdoors.

  • Chief Constable offers reassurance over town burglaries

    Published on Monday 26 September 2016

    The Chief Constable for Leicestershire has given reassurance to businesses in the Harborough district that a recent spike in thefts is being addressed.

  • Public screenings of Kayleigh’s Love Story

    Published on Thursday 1 September 2016

    Public screenings of a film about how a Leicestershire teenager was groomed, raped and murdered last year are to be held in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland during the next four weeks.

  • New crime prevention and safety advice stall at market

    Published on Tuesday 5 January 2016

    Useful advice on community safety and crime prevention will soon be available at Harborough market.

  • Have a ‘cuppa with a copper’ during safer summer campaign

    Published on Thursday 2 July 2015

    There will be an opportunity to have a ‘cuppa with a copper’ as the annual campaign begins to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer.

  • Agencies unite to prevent child exploitation

    Published on Wednesday 18 March 2015

    Councils, police, the NHS and safeguarding boards across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are joining forces to back the first ever national child sexual exploitation awareness day.