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Garden waste collections fee to rise in 2021

Published on Tuesday 15 December 2020

The cost of subscribing to have your garden waste collected in the Harborough district will rise next year, councillors have agreed.

  • Join the fight against 'zombie batteries'

    Published on Tuesday 3 November 2020

    Harborough district residents are being urged to “join the fight against Zombie batteries” in a bid to tackle waste and recycling fires caused by carelessly discarded dead batteries.

  • Successful fly-tipping campaign up for national award

    Published on Thursday 25 June 2020

    A campaign which has dramatically reduced fly-tipping in the Harborough district and led to a number of prosecutions and fines for culprits has been shortlisted for a national award.

  • Double success as fly-tipper and householder fined

    Published on Wednesday 24 June 2020

    A man who dumped rubbish in a lane in the Harborough district has been caught on CCTV and fined – along with the householder who paid him to remove the waste.

  • Hospital garden restored to former glory

    Published on Wednesday 20 May 2020

    Harborough District Council, in partnership with FCC Environment has restored the garden at St Luke’s Hospital in Market Harborough to its former glory.

  • Helping protect vulnerable neighbours and public health

    Published on Wednesday 13 May 2020

    Organisations across Leicestershire have come together to support vulnerable and homeless residents during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Residents and children praise bin crews with surprise messages

    Published on Friday 17 April 2020

    Residents and children have been surprising their bin collectors with heartfelt messages of praise, good wishes and colourful drawings to thank them for being “true heroes” in the face of COVID-19.

  • Woman fined after rubbish dumped near wildlife hospital

    Published on Friday 7 February 2020

    A woman has been fined £300 after her rubbish was dumped near to a wildlife hospital and popular football club in Kibworth.

  • Man fined after rubbish dumped in Lutterworth

    Published on Thursday 16 January 2020

    A Lutterworth man has been fined £400 after rubbish was dumped on a grass verge in the Harborough district.

  • Council looks at options for new bins

    Published on Wednesday 8 January 2020

    Councillors are set to consider options for charges to be introduced for the delivery of new bins to homes in the Harborough district in a bid to make more effective use of public money.

  • Woman fined after waste dumped in country lane

    Published on Thursday 17 October 2019

    A Kettering woman has been fined £300 after her rubbish was found dumped in a country lane in the Harborough District.

  • Recycling simplified across Leicestershire

    Published on Wednesday 4 September 2019

    District councils in Leicestershire have joined forces to make recycling easier than ever by providing a more consistent recycling service for Leicestershire residents.

  • Businessman fined after his rubbish is flytipped

    Published on Tuesday 2 July 2019

    A businessman, who paid someone to dispose of rubbish from a property he was working at, has been fined after it was dumped in a country lane.

  • Man fined after online request results in flytipping

    Published on Tuesday 4 June 2019

    A man who posted a request on Facebook asking for someone to remove rubbish from his home has been fined after it was later flytipped in a country lane.

  • Man fined after his rubbish was flytipped

    Published on Wednesday 29 May 2019

    A man has been fined after rubbish he asked a friend to remove from his garage was dumped in a country lane.

  • Innovative electric street cleaning vehicle trialled

    Published on Thursday 7 March 2019

    An innovative electric-powered street cleaning vehicle has been successfully trialled in the Harborough district – and more could be used in the future.

  • Council takes on grounds contract for Rutland

    Published on Tuesday 26 February 2019

    Harborough District Council has agreed to carry out grounds maintenance for a neighbouring Council as part of an innovative partnership.

  • Plastics Pledge launched in Harborough district

    Published on Friday 25 January 2019

    A fantastic turnout of people arrived at the market on Friday to help launch a pioneering environmental campaign urging residents to take a ‘plastics pledge’ to help protect the planet.

  • Flytipper caught in the act by hidden CCTV camera

    Published on Thursday 24 January 2019

    A man, in his 20s, who was caught on camera dumping rubbish illegally at a flytipping hotspot in the Harborough district, has been ordered to pay £400.

  • Extra garden waste collections

    Published on Wednesday 9 January 2019

    Extra green bin collections in January 2020 for residents currently subscribed to our garden waste collection for 2019/20

  • Plastic free revolution at Harborough Market

    Published on Friday 16 November 2018

    Several traders at Harborough Market are making small steps to alter the way they buy, sell and package produce – all inspired by a new market trader.

  • Fly Tipper Fined

    Published on Friday 28 September 2018

    Harborough District Council’s Tip Off campaign to tackle fly-tipping continues, with another successful prosecution of a serious case.

  • New vehicle to combat environmental crime

    Published on Friday 14 September 2018

    The district council has put the wheels in motion to step up the way it tackles environmental crime – with the launch of a new 4x4 vehicle.

  • District Council and charity unite for local cat owners

    Published on Monday 30 July 2018

    The pain of not knowing whether a beloved pet has been victim of a road traffic accident will be lessened owing to the forward-thinking of a local cat charity and Harborough District Council.

  • Woman who flytipped ordered to pay nearly £4,500

    Published on Thursday 14 June 2018

    A woman has been fined and ordered to pay significant costs after she illegally dumped rubbish in a country lane in the Harborough district.

  • Frankie Ball who fulfilled an ambition to ride on a road sweeper

    Boy’s sweeper ambition realised thanks to council

    Published on Monday 30 April 2018

    A young boy from Market Harborough was swept away with delight after fulfilling an ambition to ride on a council road sweeper.

  • Volunteers help give district a spring clean

    Published on Monday 16 April 2018

    Old road signs and car parts are just some of the litter collected as part of a series of volunteer spring cleans taking place across the Harborough district.

  • Fall in flytipping thanks to campaign

    Published on Tuesday 3 April 2018

    A tough campaign targeting those who dump rubbish illegally in the Harborough district has seen a welcome reduction in the number of flytipping incidents in the last year.

  • Two men caught flytipping ordered to pay out

    Published on Friday 2 March 2018

    Two men have been ordered to pay costs after being caught, in separate incidents, dumping rubbish illegally in the Harborough district.

  • Bin collections – thanks to public and crews

    Published on Friday 12 January 2018

    Harborough District Council has thanked the public, and its bin collections crews, following the severe weather conditions which recently disrupted the bin collection service.

  • Resident hit with costs after rubbish illegally dumped

    Published on Thursday 16 November 2017

    A woman has been ordered to pay costs after she paid an unlicensed scrap metal merchant to dispose of rubbish which was later fly-tipped.

  • Ullesthorpe big clean up

    Big clean up in village hailed success

    Published on Wednesday 19 July 2017

    Volunteers joined forces to clean up litter in a village in the Harborough district.

  • A ‘Great British effort’ from litter-picking volunteers

    Published on Wednesday 29 March 2017

    More than 300 bags of litter and a further 1.5 tonnes of bulky rubbish has been collected by volunteers in the district as part of the Great British Spring Clean.

  • Volunteers help give district a spring clean

    Published on Wednesday 8 March 2017

    Community groups are helping to keep the Harborough District litter free by holding a number of litter picking events as part of the Great British Spring Clean.

  • Extra garden waste pick-up for subscribers

    Published on Thursday 15 December 2016

    Residents in the Harborough district who have already subscribed to the council’s garden waste collection service will receive an extra green bin collection in January.

  • Rubbish dumped in park to launch campaign

    Published on Friday 21 October 2016

    A campaign, highlighting the blight of flytipping in Harborough district, was launched with a giant pile of rubbish dumped in a picturesque family park.

  • New bin collection fleet flies in

    Published on Tuesday 5 April 2016

    A fleet of brand new recycling and waste vehicles – all named after historic aeroplanes – will be seen out on the streets from this week.

  • Council delighted with uptake of garden waste subscriptions

    Published on Wednesday 23 March 2016

    Residents in the Harborough district have been thanked for subscribing to have their garden waste collected from April.

  • Get your green bin sticker today

    Published on Friday 11 March 2016

    Residents are being reminded that, if they haven’t already, they will need to subscribe to have their garden waste collected from next month.

  • We did you proud Ma’am!

    Published on Monday 7 March 2016

    Volunteers came out in force to blitz grot spots and give the district a fantastic spring clean to mark the Queen’s impending 90th birthday.

  • People encouraged to ‘Clean for the Queen’

    Published on Friday 19 February 2016

    People are being encouraged to give the Harborough district a fantastic spruce up in time for the Queen’s 90th birthday.

  • Residents invited to sign up to garden waste service

    Published on Monday 11 January 2016

    Leaflets are being placed on bins in the Harborough district informing residents how to sign up to the new garden waste subscription service.

  • Councillors agree subscription fee for garden waste

    Published on Thursday 26 November 2015

    Councillors have agreed the introduction of a £40 subscription fee per bin for garden waste from April 2016 for which residents in the Harborough district will be able to sign up to.

  • Council secures improved value for its environmental service

    Published on Tuesday 22 September 2015

    Harborough District Council has agreed that its environmental service will continue to be provided by its current contractor.

  • Council to seek new environmental service contractor

    Published on Tuesday 8 September 2015

    Harborough District Council’s Executive committee agreed on Monday 7 September 2015 that a new contractor should be sought to provide its environmental service.

  • Feedback on future of environmental services published

    Published on Thursday 27 August 2015

    The council is due to consider the views of residents arising from the environmental services consultation on 7 September 2015.

  • Have your say on council’s environmental service

    Published on Tuesday 21 July 2015

    Residents have until mid-August to share their views on the future of bin collections, recycling, street cleaning and grounds maintenance in the Harborough district.

  • Council’s environmental service – views on future needed

    Published on Friday 10 July 2015

    The future of bin collections, recycling, street cleaning and grounds maintenance is being looked at by the district council and residents are being invited to share their views.

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